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5) Exams

5) Exams

We will use this page to share key information and dates with you as well as guidance and information on exams processes. We will also use this page to share details of internal and external assessment schedules and calendars.

If you have a specific query or question that is not answered here, please contact Mrs T Douglas (Exams Officer) through the main college reception. 

Collecting certificates 

The school is now in possession of the certificates for those students who sat exams in Summer 2023. These can be collected from the exam office between the hours of 10am- 1pm on Thursday 30 November 2023.

If a student wishes for someone else to collect the certificates on their behalf then they should contact and give their express permission for this collection to take place. Please note the person collecting the certificates will need to provide photographic identification. 

After this date, College will send the certificates to students using a secure and tracked service. The address that we will use is the address that we last held on file for your child. The school cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss beyond our control or in those instances where we are not notified of a change to your address details. It is imperative that you notify us of any recent address changes. 

Exam certificates must be kept securely and it can be a significant expense if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to purchase replacement copies. Exam boards can charge several hundreds of pounds for a full set of replacement certificates. 

Please contact with any updated information by Friday 8 December. Certificates will be posted Friday 15 December 2023. 

What happens to certificates that are returned to the school because my postal address is not correct or does not accept the delivery and I subsequently do not collect them?

Please be aware that we are directed to keep certificates for a period of 12 months after which documentation is returned to the awarding organisation or securely destroyed. After this period, it is likely that you will need to pay the awarding organisation to access replacement documentation. We strongly recommend that all students contact us promptly to ensure that certificates can be collected. 

Ex-students who believe they may have certificates held by the school should contact us to confirm whether their certificates are available. When you contact us please be prepared to confirm the following information: 

· Your full legal name (at the time the exams were taken)

· Your date of birth

· The year that you left us 

It may be possible to make alternative arrangements if certificates are held by the school and you are unable to collect them (by appointment) in person. If this applies to you then please discuss this with us as a priority. 

Replacement certificates

It is possible to obtain replacement certificates if original documents are no longer held by the school. Details of how to obtain replacements are available from There is a charge for this service. 


We recognise that exams and assessments can be an extremely challenging and stressful time for students as well as parents and carers. Please visit our Safeguarding & Support page for more information and guidance on the support that is available for students.

Information for Candidates

  • JCQ Warning for Candidates
  • JCQ Unauthorised Items
  • JCQ Using Social Media
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – Written Examinations
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – On-screen Tests
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – Non-examination Assessments
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments

These documents can be downloaded below.

External Links

 IFC Coursework Assessments.pdfDownload
 IFC Non exam Assessments.pdfDownload
 IFC Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
 IFC Written Examinations.pdfDownload
 Information for candidates coursework 22-23.pdfDownload
 Information for candidates Privacy Notice.pdfDownload
 Information to candidates Non exam assessments 22-23.pdfDownload
 Information to candidates on screen tests 22-23.pdfDownload
 Information to candidates Written Examinations 22-23.pdfDownload
 JCQ Preparing to sit your exams.pdfDownload
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