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"Pupils are prepared well for life after school"

Ofsted, 2023

I work hard to achieve my full potentialI am resilient and believe that anything is possible with effortI take pride in myself, my college and my communityI am confident, self motivated and ambitious to achieveI am known and respected as an individual.I engage in all aspects of college life with enthusiasm
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Enrichment at Norton College Sixth Form is an essential part of our students’ journey.

From the Duke of Edinburgh to Dance Leaders and the Extended Project Qualification, our students are taught the skills to develop and succeed.

The Enrichment Programme takes place every Wednesday afternoon for two hours giving our students the opportunity to pursue academic and personal interests.

The programme is divided into the super-curricular (taking your studies further than the classroom) and extra-curricular with a wide range of qualifications available for university, apprenticeship, and job applications.

Personal Subjects

Core Subjects


Mental Health

Sports Leaders

Sexual Health

Dance Leaders

Restart a heart

Online Courses

Driving Safety

British Sign Language

Drugs and Alcohol

The Duke of Edinburgh

Finance budgeting

Fitness Training

Careers/ CV Building

Subject Captains

Work Experience


Student testimonials:

"I chose the EPQ because it gives me the freedom to work independently on a project of my choosing. Additionally, completing the EPQ gives a grade equivalent to half an A level, which can make a difference when applying to a university. I plan to use the skills I learn in the EPQ to help me during my time at university." Harry Year 12

I chose to do the Duke of Ed award because it is a great opportunity to learn new skills and make lots of new friends. The different aspects of the award are volunteering, skills, physical and an expedition. I have really enjoyed the physical because I have been able to get back into a sport that I haven’t done for a long time, and I have met lots of lovely people while I have been doing it. I know that the award will also help me with my university application. Overall, it is an exciting thing to do, and I recommend it to everyonePenny Year 12

Our Enrichment Leaders

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