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Norton College

11 - 19 School & Sixth Form Centre

"Pupils are prepared well for life after school"

Ofsted, 2023

I work hard to achieve my full potentialI am resilient and believe that anything is possible with effortI take pride in myself, my college and my communityI am confident, self motivated and ambitious to achieveI am known and respected as an individual.I engage in all aspects of college life with enthusiasm
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Whether our students go on to pursue apprenticeships, employment with training or degree courses, our aim throughout sixth form is to provide advice, information and guidance about all of the career choices open to them. 

All students are encouraged to go through the university application process so that they can take this opportunity to concentrate on their particular areas of interest for higher education courses, put together a personal statement, gain a reference, acquire course offers and finally, make a considered decision about what next step is best for them as individuals. 

Our pastoral lead provides 1:1 support throughout this process and is available for careers support throughout the week and during parents' evenings. 

We also offer enrichment sessions with a careers focus and every student has a mentor they can consult. 

Autumn Term 

  • Y12 & Y13: Parents' evenings 
  • Y13: 1:1 UCAS meetings with the pastoral lead   
  • Y13: Careers guidance meetings with Mr Foster                                      

Spring term 

  • Careers Fair 
  • Enrichment Sessions                         

Summer term 

  • Y12 & Y13: 1:1 careers meetings with the pastoral lead 
  • Y12: UCAS convention  
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