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Norton College

11 - 19 School & Sixth Form Centre

"Pupils are prepared well for life after school"

Ofsted, 2023

I work hard to achieve my full potentialI am resilient and believe that anything is possible with effortI take pride in myself, my college and my communityI am confident, self motivated and ambitious to achieveI am known and respected as an individual.I engage in all aspects of college life with enthusiasm
a s p i r e



The ethos we have here at Norton College sixth form is something that we are very passionate about.  Creating the right learning environment for our students is important for each student to achieve and work to the best of their ability in order to access the best opportunities when they leave sixth form.

Therefore we expect all students to take responsibility for their studies, attendance and conduct and to adhere to our dress code.

Students are expected to use independent study time effectively, with a mix of supervised and independent study facilities available 

As part of the ethos, we like to celebrate the success and hard work of our students through celebration assemblies, trips, visits and guest speakers

Please see below for our 'Revised Sixth Form Dress Code' pdf document.

 Sixth Form Dress Code.pdfDownload
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