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"Pupils are prepared well for life after school"

Ofsted, 2023

I work hard to achieve my full potentialI am resilient and believe that anything is possible with effortI take pride in myself, my college and my communityI am confident, self motivated and ambitious to achieveI am known and respected as an individual.I engage in all aspects of college life with enthusiasm
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Admissions to Norton College are made using the NYCC online system. If your child attends a NYCC Primary School and is in his/her final year, the Education Office will contact you and offer you a choice. Follow this link to the North Yorkshire County Council Website.  If you are applying for Norton College from the coast, using the North Yorkshire Website:

  • Search for Norton
  • Click ‘other’ for any distance
  • ‘Norton College’ will be found
  • Select 

If you are moving into the area you will need to contact the Education Office at Harrogate on 01609 534963. The published Admission limit for Year 7 is 160 pupils. This number has traditionally enabled all first preferences to access a place at Norton College regardless of where students have been previously educated. If the number of preferences received for Norton College does not exceed the admission limit, all preferences will be met.

In Year Admissions:

An In Year Admission is a mid-year admission, or a student joining a pre-existing year group. These tend to be for the three following reasons:

  •  Parental move from out of the area.
  •  Parental dissatisfaction with another school.
  •  In Year Fair Access (IYFA) from the Inclusion and Accountability Panel.

The process of admission is outlined below.  If the admission of a child is likely to create a teaching set of over 31, the admission may be rejected on the grounds that it may prejudice the provision of efficient education or efficient use of resources.

First Contact

  • By a parent who contacts or calls in at Reception.
  • From Harrogate Admissions Office.

Stage 2

  • The Headteacher’s PA will ascertain the available spaces in the year group and arrange a tour with the Headteacher.

Stage 3

  • The Headteacher meets the prospective parent and student and arranges a test date.

Stage 4

  • Tests are marked and the prospective student’s timetable and mentor group is completed.

Stage 5

  • The Assistant Learning Co-ordinator for the relevant year contacts the family to arrange a start date, transport and a ‘buddy’ to support the student.

Stage 6

  • The student is welcomed on day one and a follow-up home contact is made during the first week of school.
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