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Year 11 Exam Support

Year 11 Exam Support - For Summer 2024

In a recent assembly, Mr Stones spoke to students in Year 11 to emphasise the importance of revision and independent learning which should take place outside of the normal school day. As we approach final exams, it is now crucial that this routine is underway and well-developed. As part of this assembly, I informed students that they would receive subject-specific information from every subject area within a dedicated lesson which will took place WC 22 January 2024. 

This information will included:

  1. The topics that students should revise
  2. How students should revise this material (and the strategies that should be used)
  3. Whether students should access these materials via Teams or subject-specific websites e.g. Seneca

To support this important focus and students' independence and revision, a copy of these materials has been shared below. 


 Art - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 Business - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 Computing - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 Computing 2 - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 English - GCSE Support.docxDownload
 French - GCSE Support.docxDownload
 History - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 Maths - GCSE Support.pptxDownload
 Music - Support.pptxDownload
 Science - GCSE Support.docxDownload
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